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We want to hear from you.   Many times the traditional news outlets ignore you, or have an intern or some gatekeeper filtering out stories, so that you are never heard.   We promise to give consideration to any legitimate news story that you submit, and if possible give it editorial consideration, send a reporter out for more information, and get your voice heard!

Please attach a photo with your eMail, if one is appropriate, like a weather event, or occurrence where one was taken.

You must include your phone number to be taken seriously.   We will consider anonymous tips. Social In honolulu investigates the legitimacy of any news story, and will not take your story as bona fide fact without checking it out.  This would be difficult to do without your contact information.  We might follow up tips with a phone call, we might not.  If we do not follow up with a phone call, it does not mean we have not considered your story news worthy,  or that we won’t write an article about it.  It only means that we didn’t get back to you on the phone, and we might have other newsworthy stories that we are reporting on.


Social In honolulu seeks to give a voice to people which want to be heard, and to be THE source for local, unique and genuine information.

Tips@socialinhonolulu.com is NOT for events, causes, or announcements.  It is to be used for newsworthy stories that will have an impact on the community.


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